Turning the Corner…

I finally feel like I have good news to report! Over the past couple of days my side effects have improved quite a bit. My mouth pain on Sunday was still very bothersome and talking was still nearly impossible. However, by Monday  morning it had improved and I could at least talk and not cry at the same time. My energy is still very sapped and I tire easily with any physical exertion, but….

I have worked two full days in a row now! That is the first time I have done that in quite some time. Today I’m planning for number three in a row. So, from that standpoint I am very happy happy happy!

My biggest side effect issue the past couple of days has been my feet. The neuropathy is very painful and every one of my toes just burns like crazy when I walk. The skin definitely changed on my feet too, so now I quickly develop blisters on my toes which scream when coupled with the neuropathy. I’m not sure which way things are headed with my feet, uphill or downhill, but I sure hope they come around soon. I should be able to resume biking on my trainer regardless of my feet; however, it would be nice to start walking again soon.

My white blood cell count recovered quite nicely over the weekend. On Friday my overall white count was 0.6, but by Monday I had recovered to 18.8. My hemoglobin is still hovering in the 9’s which is the cause of my fatigue. At this point it looks like I will be able to get by without another blood transfusion. Unfortunately the body doesn’t make new red blood cells at a great rate, so recovery on that front will take some patience on my part. I will be starting to exercise slowly, mostly on my bike trainer, so hopefully that will help to boost things too in the red blood cell department.

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, the waiting game is now the hardest part of this whole thing. I have found that my ability to withstand pain is much greater than my ability to re-direct my thoughts going on in my head. While I am positive about my outcome it is still impossible to not allow some “what-if” thoughts to enter into the equation. I am doing my best to channel those thoughts into something positive, but it sure would be nice if PET scan day were to arrive soon!

Well, I suppose I should start getting ready for work. Again, I can’t tell you enough how much each and every one of you mean to me. Your continued support isn’t slowing down, and I ask that it please not! This isn’t over yet and I need all the thoughts and prayers that I can get. May each and every one of you have a great day and enjoy what looks like will be a beautiful weekend (at least here in Wisconsin).


2 thoughts on “Turning the Corner…

  1. Sharon Peters says:

    Rick, you are amazing……a true inspiration…..I think of and pray for you often, actually every time I am hooked up donating platelets…….God Speed for a complete recovery and “clean” report on your PET scan

  2. Teri Jaeger says:

    So glad to see you out and about in the halls at school, Rick.
    The prayers continue for good reports and continued improvement in your health.
    I wouldn’t dismiss those “what-if” thoughts–they’re just pesty reminders that you’re human! Onward…

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