Roughest Sledding Yet…

This week has been a pretty rough reminder that I’m still a cancer patient. I have never imagined, much less experienced pain like I have right this minute. I am primarily suffering due to multiple large sores on my tongue, the inside of my mouth, and my throat. I am pretty much left speechless because talking brings me to instant tears. My throat is very sore and swallowing also brings tears to my eyes. I have a film inside my mouth that makes we want to spit, but trying to loosen that film and get rid of it is very, very painful. I have tried my Magic Mouthwash that was prescribed, but frankly it does nothing positive for me. I have tried Vicodin and gotten a small amount of relief from that, but again probably not enough to make it worthwhile.

This entire week I have been extremely weak and become short of breath and dizzy with the slightest of exertion. It is very similar to the symptoms I had at this time during round 5 when I received a blood transfusion. This time my hemoglobin was even higher than last, which probably means the blood transfusion was unnecessary last time. I just have to continue to fight through this weakness and its associated symptoms until they improve…but at least that part doesn’t cause pain!

My finger and toe neuropathy is in full swing. My fingers are burning pretty good, not unlike the past rounds. My toes took much longer to be affected but they are now in full swing too. I have four toenails that have turned completely black and are just barely hamging on. It looks exactly like when I lose toenails after excessive pounding of the feet while running. Most of my other symptoms are manageable or non-existent anymore.

I’m looking forward to watching the Ironman World Championship today online. There are a few people I am following with interest, especially Mike Jovanovich from Neenah, WI. He is racing for the first time in Kona and we can’t wait to see him cross the finish line. So, while they are out pounding the pavement I will be planted firmly on my couch, perfectly content to watch for now. I hope everyone finds a way to stay warm and dry today! Good bye for now.


4 thoughts on “Roughest Sledding Yet…

  1. ootophoto says:

    yeah even the damn Chemo has to go out with a BANG, but it’s all good let it be…have i ever told you how much i hate chemo and cancer ? yeah well now you know how much…i am glad you are able to vent, share and teach while you are going thru this, not only does it hopefully help others know what to maybe expect, but to understand what loved ones are going thru as well…thank you so much for all you do and….STAY STRONG RICK!!! ANDERSTRONG!!!!!!!

  2. Nancy Jo says:

    Sounds like a good time to live vicariously through your friend while running the race today. Visualization is a wonderful tool to aid in recovery. I hope you manage to do that and find joy in your day!

  3. Jenny says:

    It breaks my heart knowing you are going through this and there is not a frickin thing I can do to help you! Just know I love you and think of you all the time and pray that this hell will be over for you very soon!! xoxox

  4. Greg Friese says:

    Keep pushing through it. I am going trade warm and dry for a few miles of running this afternoon.

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